Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Historic Panama

The Kuna people are one of the indigenous people here. The women dress in very bright clothes and wear beads on their legs and arms. They don't like having their picture taken. After I bought some of their work, this woman said that I could take her picture.
This was our English speaking tour guide of the old city. His grandmother had taught him to read at an early age and he has taught himself all that he knows about the city through his reading. Very nice young man.
One of the beautiful old buildings that will be renovated into a nice hotel in the future. There were little squares like this one throughout the old city.
Walking through the old city. A mix of run down and renovated places.
The white building to the right is the presidential palace. We had to go through security to get onto this street.
The Pacific Ocean. Sitting on a wall in the old city.
The Kuna people's handiwork.
We climbed an ancient cathedral tower. I took this picture through a tower window. I liked the mix of old and new architecture.
One of the handicrafts here is basket weaving. This lady does beautiful work. She showed us the technique.
This is Jessy. We bought some handicraft bags from her and she gave me a necklace as a gift.

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