Saturday, August 21, 2010

An 8 hour tour to visit the Embera Indian village

Arriving at the Embera village. The band started up!

Delicious fruit for lunch!

The men played music while the women danced.
It started to pour, but that didn't bother the soccer players!

The women and girls did a variety of dances.

Our boat navigator was amazing at avoiding rocks etc.
Of course Jennie got up first to join in the dance!
Great friends!
These bugs get really noisy in the evening.
A lizard on the trail.
Our dugout canoe.
The Embera village that we visited.
We hiked into some falls and had a wonderful swim!
This terantula was walking across the road and our driver stopped so we could take pictures. I was soooo scared so my picture is blurry!

They had their handiwork for sale. We bought a basket and a few bracelets.
The woman on the left was proud to know a few words in French.

This is tree bark that they soften and use for bedding.
Picture posing after the dancing.

Back into the boat!

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