Friday, August 6, 2010

Days 7-10

Sunday was our day to spend with our friend Reyna. We met her late morning at the market. She arrived with her 20 year old nephew, Mauricio. The 2 of them took us for a great market tour and of course Jennie took tons of pictures! Mike got a few new shirts and Reyna did her grocery shopping for dinner. Then we dropped of all the groceries at our place and took them out for lunch and for a swim. The pool at Granada Hotel was incredible and so clean. Afterwards we went back to Reyna's place. There is a new evangelical church right across the street from her house. Reyna joined us there for part of the service and then slipped out to get dinner ready. What a feast she cooked up! Lots of her extended family joined us, which was nice. I have given lots of them the donated clothes that we brought and they are so greatful!
On Monday, at 5am, we departed for the bus station, and boarded a local bus with Reyna and her 2 teenage boys. We treated them to their first ever holiday. We went to the ocean town San Juan del Sur and stayed in a nice hotel with a pool. They loved everything about the trip: fancy rooms, hot water, bathtubs, pool, swimming in the ocean, visiting a turtle reserve... Great fun and good Spanish immersion for us!

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